It's in my blood.
Since I was given my first camera, when I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated by capturing in a shot what my eyes were seeing around me. The beauty of nature or the smile of a friend, an event or an emotion... Precious pearls to be framed in a photo. Whether freezing a movement or moving the stillness, looking at normality through a different angle or portraying the exceptional, I can choose different perspectives, I can catch reality. I think this passion is in my blood, I inherited it from my Grandpa and then from my Dad, and it has always had a great influence in my life. Come and follow me in my journey searching impressions of life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rain Drops on a Maple Tree

It's raining today.

There is something about rainy days that makes them special. Not only because with water life renovates itself, plants get their vital nourishment and the circle of life continues. It's also because I like watching the rain falling from the sky, creating a pattern against the trees and moisturizing the soil. I like to smell that distinctive fragrance of moss and wet grass that fills the air, and to listen to the sound of the drops falling on the leaves and creating little rivulets of water.

I decide to enjoy a moment in the garden, despite the rain, and soon I find myself exploring the plants through the eye of my telephoto. I concentrate on our maple tree, on its new spring leaves of a wonderful red color. Rain drops create interesting patterns and decorations like natural jewels, and the light plays with them, coming through. It's incredible what you can get if you look close, if you take time to explore, if you search...

            400mm f/5.6 1/160 sec ISO 1250

            400mm f/5.6 1/250 sec ISO 1250

            390mm f/5.6 1/160 sec ISO 1000

            400mm f/5.6 1/200 sec ISO 1250

            400mm f/5.6 1/160 sec ISO 1000

            170mm f/5.0 1/200 sec ISO 1000

            400mm f/5.6 1/30 sec ISO 200

            275mm f/5.6 1/60 sec ISO 200


  1. What's hitting me most is the juxtaposition of the two complimentary colours red and green, each making the other look even more vivid (with varieties of hue in each shot from pink to red). Then, the composition on all except the second is lovely as you've taken what could have been a random group of branches and framed them into something quite meaningful. Really nice - thanks for sharing..

    1. Thank you very much, Kim. Yes, I am very happy with the color contrast, really striking, especially in two or three shots. I played a little in "discovering" the leaves, as when in a forest you look for the way and moving a branch a clearing opens in front of you, so – even in the second one – I tried to isolate a group or a single leaf concentrating the focus in that area; and under this aspect using the telephoto really did the job.