It's in my blood.
Since I was given my first camera, when I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated by capturing in a shot what my eyes were seeing around me. The beauty of nature or the smile of a friend, an event or an emotion... Precious pearls to be framed in a photo. Whether freezing a movement or moving the stillness, looking at normality through a different angle or portraying the exceptional, I can choose different perspectives, I can catch reality. I think this passion is in my blood, I inherited it from my Grandpa and then from my Dad, and it has always had a great influence in my life. Come and follow me in my journey searching impressions of life.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Steve McCurry – Viaggio Intorno all'Uomo

If you live around Siena or if you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful medieval city in Tuscany, and you haven't seen this already in one of the previous locations, be sure to stop at Santa Maria della Scala to see Steve's photo exhibit. More than 200 stunning pictures, including his most famous shots, create a journey of discovery around man. Powerful visuals, deep feelings, terrific photography.

 This is really an amazing exhibit. Many of the photos are collected in the catalog, where Steve McCurry comments each shot and tells a short behind the scene about the pictures.

©Steve McCurry

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