It's in my blood.
Since I was given my first camera, when I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated by capturing in a shot what my eyes were seeing around me. The beauty of nature or the smile of a friend, an event or an emotion... Precious pearls to be framed in a photo. Whether freezing a movement or moving the stillness, looking at normality through a different angle or portraying the exceptional, I can choose different perspectives, I can catch reality. I think this passion is in my blood, I inherited it from my Grandpa and then from my Dad, and it has always had a great influence in my life. Come and follow me in my journey searching impressions of life.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Beautiful Robin

Especially during the winter, I like to take pictures of this beautiful little bird that often visits our gardens and feeders. It's extremely cute when it's cold and it "becomes puffy" fluffing its feathers to keep itself warm... sometimes it looks like a little feather ball!

It's very easy to spot, with the extensive orange area on its chest. That is actually also the only common visual trait with its American cousin, which share the same name, but belongs to a totally different family – you can see a couple of shots here. When I heard for the first time the other bird being called "robin" I was surprised to see a much larger bird and with such different plumage. The European species is the Erithacus rubecula while the American robin is the Turdus migratorius.

I see the robin most of the times alone, moving quickly in the bushes or on low trees, like many of the small birds do. It seems it likes to feed on the ground, mostly insects, but sometimes it doesn't disdain also hanging feeders.

So far not too much snow around, so I am still missing one classic shot of the bird in the snow, such an iconic image, representing often the Holiday Season in book illustrations, but I hope to get to it... one day.

And talking about book illustrations, I would like to dedicate this post and its photos to a friend of mine, Anna, a children's book illustrator who loves robins and all the other little friends from the woods. Enjoy.

               540mm f/5.6 1/800sec ISO1250 +0.67

               560mm f/6.3 1/1600sec ISO6400 -0.33

               560mm f/6.3 1/1600sec ISO6400 -0.33

                                    560mm f/6.3 1/1600sec ISO6400 -0.33

               560mm f/6.3 1/1600sec ISO6400 -0.33

               560mm f/5.6 1/800sec ISO5000 -0.33

               560mm f/5.6 1/800sec ISO3200 +0.33

               560mm f/7.1 1/2000sec ISO5000 -0.33

               560mm f/7.1 1/2000sec ISO3200 -0.33

               560mm f/6.3 1/1600sec ISO6400 -0.33

               490mm f/5.6 1/1000sec ISO1250 +0.33

               560mm f/5.6 1/800sec ISO1000 +0.67

               560mm f/6.3 1/1000sec ISO400

               800mm f/8.0 1/1600sec ISO800